If you have leads coming in and are ready to win some, read on!


You are most probably facing one or more of the following challenges:


1)      Close lesser deals and take longer to close deals without a professional salesperson

2)      Never know what could have closed for you if you had a closing inside sales resource

3)      Stand no chance with competitive opportunities, viz, high value, big logo etc

4)      Churn rate is not dependant on any relationships, just product (mostly just perception)

5)      Lack of first hand data for analysis on what’s working, what’s needed in future product releases

6)      No opportunity to stand out when it comes to customer onboarding.

This is when Closing Inside Sales Resource On Demand will work best:

1)     You are a B2B SaaS Startup

2)     You have opportunities but need an Inside Sales resource to close them for you

3)     You do not want to be in a contract or hire someone full time yet

4)     You can provide Solutions Consulting Support

More on who Outsourced B2B SaaS Inside Sales works best for.


This is when ISOD will not work for you:

1)     You are not a B2B SaaS firm

2)     You haven't figured out how to get leads/ opportunities

It does not matter if:

1)    You haven't sold it yet

2)    You aren't sure how/ if this model will work as long as you are ready to take the leap (I know I have!)

Good to know information:

1)    No Contracts. Use when needed.

2)    This is a platform, but for now it's just me

3)    No risk trial is available if needed

More on how Sales as a Service at ISOD came into being.


Ready to take this on a ride? Write to me if I can answer any questions for you @ tvijayrajatgmail. More ways to contact us here

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